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How To Make A Fortune Selling
"How-To" Information By Mail...

Even if you canít write and havenít got
a creative bone in your entire body...

By owning the rights to these 750
hot-selling books, reports and manuals!

Dear Friend,

A lot of people feel that selling information (especially "how-to" information) by mail is the "ultimate" business. Maybe itís because of all these great benefits:

  • This business has low start-up costs . . . anyone can get started in it!
  • Low product reproduction costs. (A 96 page book can be printed for under $3.)
  • This business offers high profits and low risks -- more money in your pocket!
  • No need to maintain inventory -- just print the products as they sell.
  • Information products are easy to ship to your customers. ∑ You can run the business part-time and still make lots of money!
  • You can work out of your home! (Or from the beach!)

To make a ton of money selling information through the mail, you need to know the secret of success in mail order. And this secret is. . .

You Must Be The "Prime-Source"!

Forget about buying products, books and information at a discount -- you must become the Prime-Source of the products you are selling!

And now you can! Announcing a brand new CD-ROM (an IBM compatible CD that runs in both Windows and Windows 95) we created called the...

"Instant Publisher CD-ROM:
750 How-To Books, Reports, and Manuals
You Can Reprint & Sell"

Owning this CD-ROM gives you two major advantages: First, you can use the wealth of "how-to" information on this CD for your own benefit. And second, you can market the information on this CD and...


You see, when you own the "Instant Publisher CD-ROM", you become the "Prime-Source" to over 750 how-to books, reports and manuals. You OWN all 750 -- permanently!

And you never have to pay any royalties or on-going fees. Itís as if you wrote and created the 750 reports yourself!

Take A Look At Some Of The Reports Youíll Own

The Mail Order Beginner's Opportunity Guide How To Buy Surplus Property From The Military
The Easiest, Most Profitable Mail Order Business How To Make Money Buying & Selling Used Cars
How To Get Big Dollars In Your Mail Box... Everyday How To Get A VISA/MasterCard With No Credit
Profitable Techniques For Selling Books By Mail How To Buy A New Car For $50 Over Dealer's Cost
How To Start An Import/Export Business At Home How To Start Your Own Resume Writing Service
Making Money With Home-Made Booklets How To Avoid Common Advertising Mistakes
How To Write Profitable Classified Ads How To Write A Press Release
Where To Place Classified Ads That Pull Like Crazy How To Earn $100,000 Reading Newspapers
How To Write A Money Making Newsletter Inside Secrets Of Free Publicity
The Selling Secrets Of Million Dollar Sales Letters Directory Of Computer-Related Business Opportunities
How To Start A Profitable Home-Based Business The Small Business Handbook
How To Get Free Radio Advertising 66 Ways To Save Money
Secrets Of The Richest People Directory of Free Business Resources
Avoiding Common Mail Order Mistakes How To Command, Influence, And Control People
Make Big Money With A Newspaper Clipping Service How To Be Audit Proof
How To Make Huge Profits With Garage Sales Conquering The Smoking Habit
How To Develop A Winning Catalog All About Hay Fever, Allergies And Asthma
How To Get All The Grocery Coupons You Need How To Sell Information By Mail
The Consumer Guide To Air Travel Sources of Free Mailing Lists
How To Use The Internet Directory of Mail Order Publishers
Make Big Dollars With Bumper Stickers The Secret Exercise That Melts Body Fat
How To Make $1,000 Per Week With Your Camera How To Get A Good Night's Sleep
Sure-Fire Methods Of Raising Instant Cash How To Live A Longer And Healthier Life
How To Master The Art Of Super-Salesmanship Legalities And Tax Advantages In A Home Business
How To Copyright Any Publication Without Cost Mail Order Supply Directory
How To Get Hundreds Of New Books For Free How To Operate A Successful Typing Service
How To Make Fast Cash With Your Car Or Pickup How And Where To Get Free Advertising
How To Self-Publish Your Own Books, & Reports How To Get Free Subscriptions To Over 60 Magazines
How To Make Money With Post Cards How To Tell Good Mailing Lists From Bad Ones

PLUS youíll own the reprint rights to 692 more! And . . .

You Can Even Sell The Reprint Rights
To The Reports -- To Your Customers!!!

You get an authentic "Certificate Of Reprint And Duplication Rights" certifying that you own full reprint and duplication rights to all 750 books, reports, and manuals found on the CD! This certificate also states that you can sell the reprint rights to the books and reports to others! (Your only restriction is that you cannot reprint and sell the CD-ROM itself.)

Hereís How To Get Started

Right now, you can get the "Instant Publisher CD-ROM: 750 How-To Books, Reports, And Manuals You Can Reprint & Sell" for only $149, plus shipping and handling.

And, If You Order Your CD Within The Next 7 Days
Youíll Get These FREE BONUSES:

FREE BONUS # 1: With this bonus, youíll get the tested, proven ads and direct mail sales letters that sell the reports for you! These ads have already been tested and proven in the marketplace! They work! Use these ads and sales letters, and youíll be making more money than you can shake a stick at! (We even send you the ads and sales letters on a 3Ĺ inch diskette!)

FREE BONUS # 2: A powerful new audio cassette called, "How To Earn $10,000 A Week With Direct Mail"! On this informative tape, youíll hear a live interview with one of our customers whoís earning $10,000 a week with direct mail. His name is Peter Sun and heís making a fortune selling information products he acquired the reprint rights to. Heíll tell you exactly how heís doing it! And, heíll even tell you about the ads heís using and what they say!

To Make This Offer Completely Foolproof,
You Get A One-Year, 10 Times Guarantee That Says:

Your SUCCESS and SATISFACTION is completely GUARANTEED! Use the "Instant Publisher CD-ROM: 750 How-To Books, Reports, And Manuals You Can Reprint & Sell" for one full year. If you donít make at least 10 times your investment (at least $1,500.00 or more!) as a result of this CD, Iíll refund your entire purchase price with no hassles and no questions asked!

You must be completely satisfied with the "Instant Publisher CD" or you immediately get every single penny of your money back!

Right now, while itís fresh on your mind, place your order. Your package will be shipped to you by Priority Mail.

You can use your VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover card to order from our secure order page (see below). Or, pick up the phone and call our Order Line at: 800-477-1739 and place your order. Or fill out our Printer Friendly No-Risk Order Coupon and FAX it to: 904-720-0651, or mail it in.

I guarantee you will love this CD!


Michael Gravette
Safety Technology

P.S. The money-making possibilities with the "Instant Publisher CD" are endless! You can sell the 750 books, reports and manuals in classified ads...sell them using the sales letters we supply to you...use them as lead generators...use them as premiums...bundle-up the reports and make a book...Use them as back-end products...or simply use the reports as a personal reference source. The choice is yours!

Instant Publisher CD...

$149.00 (plus S&H)

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